Saturday night’s Brewers versus Reds game started out with frustratingly long lines, in part, because of the new security measures at the ball park. But once they stepped inside the gates, some little bobbleheads made it all better.
Hank the dog wore his own Brewers jersey as fans help up their Bobble Head Hank. He’s number K-9, a fan favorite.
“And today he looks so fluffy, like real fluffy. What did you do when you saw him come out on the field? Oh of course you go aww, yea, yea, definitely,” said Mary Tatera, fan.
Mary Tatera isn’t shy about letting everyone know who she’s cheering for.
“And when I saw it at Kohl’s I just said I have to have that especially when I knew I was coming to the game and I love the back. Isn’t that so cute?” said Tatera.
The young and the old got here early, eager to grab their very own BobbleHead Hank.
“He’s one next week. Oh so it’s like a bobblehead for his birthday? It is and his favorite is the dog so he’s very excited,” said Lisa Eastman, fan.
“So what did you think when you heard the brewers adopted a dog? Well when I heard it I thought that was really cool,” said Jenna James, fan,
“Who’s the bigger Hank fan? You both are big Hank fans? Oh wow,” said two boys.
We met a few entrepreneurs trying to cash in on the big rush.
“These guys are selling their bobbleheads tonight, How much? Evidently we got them for free and we’re trying to get $10,” said two fans.
So the Bobble Head Hank was a great keepsake of the night. Someone else going home with quite a treasure is the Wisconsin Humane Society. The Brewers donated $130-thousand to that organization, it’s money they raised from ballpark pup merchandise in honor of their adopted dog, Hank.
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