Bobble Bulletin: Eagles Bobblehead Set is Big–and a Big Seller By Phil Sklar

d. Note:  Welcome to the first edition of Bobble Bulletin, which will provide updates on bobblehead collecting including news, significant sales, new releases and more.
The officially licensed, individually numbered Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl bobbleheads will go down as the most popular Super Bowl bobbleheads of all-time, and it hasn’t even been a month since the Eagles were crowned Super Bowl LII Champions.
Since the early 2000’s bobbleheads have been produced by Forever Collectibles (now going by the name FOCO) of the top players as well as the mascot of the Super Bowl Champions. The roster of bobbleheads included in the series is determined based on demand. Typically, around 10 to 20 players are offered for sale immediately following the game, but only around 10 reach the requirement for production, which is currently 144 per player.
However, in the case of the Eagles, all the players hit the minimums and there were three waves of additions, brining the total number of unique players to 34—a record for championship bobbleheads of any sport. Add in the bobblehead of Swoop, the Nick Foles MVP bobblehead and the mini set of four, the total number goes to 40. And the biggest Eagles fans can add three-foot bobbleheads of Swoop, Nick Foles, Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz to their collection.
So how will this higher demand impact the value and collectability of the bobbleheads? We see the same phenomenon with the championship bobbleheads almost every year. The quantity produced is based off pre-sales, but demand spikes once the bobbleheads arrive and people see them in person. At that point, it’s often too late, especially for some of the players that had very few made. We expect the Eagles bobbleheads to mirror the Astros, where a large portion of the roster are already sold out and becoming difficult to find on the secondary market. The addition of several special edition Super Bowl bobbleheads, which are expected to be released in late-March, will only add to demand.