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Bobbleheads Dominate MLB Promo Calendars

From Advertising Specialty Institute: Garden gnomes, soap dispensers, fedoras and replica championship rings are just a few of the new promotional items MLB teams will give away at ballparks this season. Still, the promo product that remains the most collectible and universally popular in stadiums is the bobblehead. In fact, there are more than 130…
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The Hank Aaron Fan’s Guide to Bobbleheads

The Hank Aaron Fan’s Guide to Bobbleheads By jasoncards The bulk of my Hank Aaron collecting is confined to items from Hank’s playing days. However, I’ve made an exception for bobbleheads. What follows is what I believe to be a complete collection of Hank Aaron bobbleheads. As a NEW feature, I’ve added a rating for how easy or difficult…
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