This Blazers fan has collected so much that he’s running out of things to collect By KGW Staff

This Portland Trail Blazers fan has collected to much memorabilia that he’s almost run out of things to collect.

Chris Goodall has a collection that would make any Blazer Maniac drool. His collection includes things you might expect like bobble heads and posters.

But his collection includes some more unexpected items too.

“It’s all blazers, everything. Every bobble head ever made, every tap handle I’ve ever seen, every beer sign that someone put up for sale,” said Goodall.

He even has the original blueprints for the MODA Center. But thepièce de résistance is perhaps Goodall’s championship banners.

“These are my prize possessions,” said Goodall. “They’re the banners that hung in the Memorial Coliseum.”

Goodall has every game day poster designed by local artists, a promotion the team started last season. Artists Meghan and Michel Verhey, who designed the poster for the Trail Blazers game against Denver, met Goodall and were in awe of his collection.

“Amazing,” said Michael. “Like, I wish I had any of this stuff.”

The couple, huge Blazers fans themselves, were excited at the opportunity to design the poster.

“We racked our brains because this was a really big deal to us since the series from last year,” said Michael. “We were really stoked when we got the news that we’d be able to do one.”

“It’s always like an outside your body experience of like, well I did that in my office or in my house and now everyone has it or sees it,” Meghan said.

And that poster that Meghan and Michael designed is commemorated forever in Goodall’s collection.

“It’s numbered so it’s rare and for a real collector like me it’s important to have that,” said Goodall.