Written by: Joal Ryan

The upcoming Avengers: Endgame, due out in theaters on April 26, doesn’t just mark the end of a storytelling era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For Funko Pop fans, it represents a new opportunity — and excuse — to buy new Funko Pop collectibles.

Since 2010, Funko has been immortalizing just about everything and everyone from Marvel and DC comics, the Star Wars galaxy, the Harry Potter universe, video games, WWE wrestling, music, sports and more via its Pop division of pint-sized vinyl figures and bobbleheads. We’re talking Iron Man, BatmanWonder Woman, Black Panther, Archie Andrews, Sirius Black, Tyrion Lannister, Miss Piggy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Prince, Tom Brady and many, many more. Regardless of genre, the classic Funko Pop toy, whether it’s a LeBron James or an Ant-Man, stands less than 4-inches tall, features an oversized head and anime-style oversized eyes — and really makes an impression.

(Photo: Funko/Amazon)

Typically, a new Funko Pop figure — a la, the new Endgame-themed Captain America — sells for less than $10. But it’s not unusual for rarer or older, out-of-print Funko Pops to go for much, muchmore. In January, a cape-wearing Stan Lee figure with a gold-chrome-like finish (and featuring the late Marvel mogul’s autograph) sold for $4,900 on eBay. Two months later, in March, a Freddy Funko, the boyish Funko mascot, that was made to look like a bloodied Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones, went for nearly $15,000 on the same platform.

(Photo: Funko/Amazon)

We’ve rounded up more than three dozen Funko Pop vinyl figures and bobbleheads that you can buy right now — for a lot of money — on either Amazon or eBay. With only a couple of exceptions, all the featured Funko Pops hail from the Marvel and DC lines. Captain America, Shazam, Thor, Superman and Nick Fury are all represented. Many of the featured Funko Pops were issued exclusively (and in small batches) to toy stores or conventions. Metallic finishes seem to be especially prized, too. The cheapest Funko Pop on our list will cost you nearly $100; the most expensive one will run you more than $100,000. Some of the prices are roughly in line with the valuations featured at Pop Price Guide; some are not. As always, let the buyer be choosy. Prices and offerings were current as of publication.

Let’s start shopping — and gawking.

Disclosure: ComicBook.com may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured in this gallery.SLIDE 1 of 38BATMAN CHROME-LOOK VINYL FIGURE (POP HEROES DC SUPER HEROES NO. 144): $549.99

(Photo: Funko/Amazon)

Sold exclusively by Toy Tokyo at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, the so-called “Blue Chrome Batman” is a lovely, if rare sight.


(Photo: Funko/Amazon)

This breakout 6-inch figure was sold exclusively through GameStop in 2018.