Philly’s Phang is MLS’ newest mascot: Meet them all By Tom Bogert

The MLS mascot guild welcomed a new member Monday when the Philadelphia Union introduced Phang to the world. Here’s a quick reminder of the kinship Phang joins.
Sparky is a unique Dalmatian who has soccer ball spots and has been cheering on the Fire since 1998.
Edson the Eagle, Marco Von Bison, Jorge El Mapache and Franz the Fox: Because why only have one mascot when you can have four???
S.C. is the son of former Crew mascot Crew Cat and was once called up to the United States Cat National Team by coach Pürrgen Klinsmann.
Talon’s wingspan is 6’6″ has a size 22 shoe.  Talon also shares a name with Landon Donovan’s son.
Dynamo Diesel has a simple motto: “Live your life as smart as a fox!”