Shirtless Joe Thornton bobblehead also comes with skunk stripe in beard By Cara Bahniuk
Joe Thorntonwho probably should have been suspended earlier this week, is both a hockey and human legend. Aside from scoring 1,407 points in 1,472 games, Thornton has an iconic scruffy beard and hates wearing clothes.
The Sharks honored those priceless Jumbo Joe qualities with its newest bobblehead.
According to Sharks PR man Ben Guerrero, the bobblehead’s shirt is removable. Thornton’s beard also features a skunk stripe.
Being gifted to Sharks fans who buy a special ticket package, the bobblehead is a tribute to a viral photo from last October. While walking around downtown Pittsburgh on a supposedly hot October day, Thornton decided to take his shirt off and take a stroll with beard buddy Brent Burns. A photo was snapped by a hockey fan driving past and later posted on Twitter.