How does Tony Stewart feel about being in the Bobblehead Hall of Fame? By Drew Davison
April 08– Tony Stewart has won three NASCAR championships and one IndyCar championship. He’s the only driver in history to accomplish that feat.
He’s a surefire Hall of Famer with a countless number of accolades. Stewart is also in another Hall of Fame-the “Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum” in Milwaukee.
Texas Motor Speedway had a promotional Stewart bobblehead for last fall’s race, and sent one of them to the Bobblehead Hall last week to be part of a collection of more than 5,000 bobbleheads.
TMS also had a life-sized bobblehead of Stewart made for driver introductions last season, and that is headed to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.
Where does his bobblehead accomplishments rank?
“Not very high. Not very high on my list,” Stewart said, grinning. “The NASCAR Hall of Fame now has my overly large head in it, so it’s in a good spot … that’s not in my house.”