Dallas Goedert loses bet to Carson Wentz By Alexis Chassen

The Eagles have two very proud alumni of the Dakota universities on their roster, with Carson Wentz having played for the North Dakota State Bison, and tight end Dallas Goedert suiting up for the South Dakota State Jackrabbits.

These guys may be friends now, but the NDSU-SDSU rivalry is real, and the two made a friendly wager about the outcome of last weekend’s game. With the Bison besting the Jackrabbits 21-17, Goedert lost the bet, and on Wednesday, paid up by decking himself out in Bison gear.

Also, can we also please talk about how there is a Bobblehead of college QB Carson Wentz high-fiving Thundar, the Bison mascot!?

(So, I looked into it….)

This particular Bobblehead was unveiled on Sept. 21 as the latest addition to the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum (which, yes, is a thing). It was unveiled as part of a new series of 12 athletes high-fiving their mascots.