Texas’ Bobblehead King; Late Writer’s Hobby Passion; Leaf at the Summit By Rich Mueller

If there’s a bobblehead giveaway anywhere near the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, you can bet Johnnie Lehew will be there.
For the last 16 years, he’s been collecting baseball and other sports nodders to the point that he can only get one car in his two-car garage.  He’s got a rotating display inside his home as well…and a few in the closets.
The Dallas News stopped by for a visit, that included a very nice video tour.

Long-time baseball writer Nick Peters passed away a couple of years ago at age 75.  He was a San Francisco native and also an avid collector who was always on the lookout for great finds.
“We would have friends who would come over for dinner and they would end up in one of back rooms, amazed at what Nick had created,” his wife Lise told the Sacramento Bee’s Marcos Breton. “It would be an hour later and you would have to drag them out of there.”
While on the prowl at a junk shop in the early 1990s, he made one deal many collectors can only dream about.
You can read more about Peters’ life, his passing and his hobby in this excellent column.

The Industry Summit continues in Las Vegas with sports card shop owners, distributors and trading card manufacturers having discussions.
Leaf Trading Cards President Brian Gray is among the most open of the trading card company executives and he was at the podium Tuesday, discussing his company–and others.