Doughty, Clifford and Lewis React to Toffoli Holiday Bobblehead By Pumper Nicholl

As a certified Hockey Hoarder, there is no better feeling than bringing home an unusual giveaway item.
And the LA Kings have gone above and beyond with their latest giveaway: A Tyler Toffoli Holiday Bobblehead.
This magnificent, elf-like creation perfectly encapsulates all of Toffoli’s cherubic-like features and captures the holiday spirit. And it is ready for you to take home Tuesdaywhen the Kings take on the Minnesota Wild.
But don’t take my word for it. Check out the reviews from the LA Kings themselves:

…oh there is so much to dissect here.

Often times, fans don’t get to see player reactions to the giveaways.
So, this is wonderful look behind the curtain.
“Yeah, I like the rose cheeks, little baby face. Good flow, too. He’s got really good hair.” – Drew Doughty
It’s just a shame that Doughty’s review isn’t the box the bobblehead comes in.
“Oh yeah, that looks just as ugly as [Toffoli] is.” – Trevor Lewis
Lewis continues to be a voice of the people.
“He looks cute. Cat (Toffloi’s fiancée) probably did his hair.” – Kyle Clifford
…I’m starting to think some of the Kings players may actually have personalities.
“That’s me.” – Toffoli
Yes, it is. And we all love you for being you, Tyler Toffoli.