Frankie MacDonald bobblehead can now tell you to ‘be prepared’ By Wendy Martin

Whenever bad weather looms, Frankie MacDonald urges people to “be prepared.” Soon, a talking bobblehead of the amateur weather forecaster will do the same.
The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee will start pre-selling the talking figurines this week.
MacDonald, from Sydney, N.S., has autism and his lively forecasts on Twitter and YouTube have attracted tens of thousands of followers around the world.
“You know, he’s positive, and I think those are things the world needs right now — some people that are fun, positive,” said Hall of Fame CEO and co-founder Phil Sklar.
“There’s so much negative going on that somebody who’s loving what they’re doing, like Frankie, who’s having a great time doing it, like Frankie, is just great to see.”
Over the weekend, MacDonald tweeted a photo of the talking bobblehead’s box to his followers. It shows a grinning likeness of MacDonald giving a thumbs-up.
Sklar says the Hall of Fame worked with MacDonald to come up with a design and to choose some of his best-known phrases from his YouTube forecasts for the voice recordings.
“Of course there’s ‘Be prepared,’ ‘Order your pizza,’ ‘Don’t wait,'” said Sklar. “All of his favourite sayings that people have become accustomed to over the years.”
Sklar expects the bobbleheads will be ready by February, selling online and in some stores. Part of the proceeds will go to MacDonald, as well as to Autism Canada.