Last month, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin dropped by Milwaukee to partake in some video collaborations with the local treasures at Red Letter Media. On top of making a cameo in a “Best Of The Worst” episode, the eccentric actor was reportedly seen pointing at a variety of things around town. Today, that was confirmed when Culkin released a video called “Macaulay Culkin Points At Milwaukee” on his “Bunny Ears” YouTube account.

The video begins with the former child star—sporting a pair of bunny ears and a sweatshirt embroidered with the name “Brenda”—pointing at the Bronze Fonz. After Red Letter Media’s Mike Stoklasa intervenes, their pair proceeds to extend their digits in the general direction of a number of other area attractions. Some of the standout spots include Finks, Harley-Davidson Museum, the Usinger’s Sausage Factory (and a Usinger’s truck), Milwaukee Public Market, Milwaukee Art Museum, Ma Fischer’s, a Sculpture Milwaukee piece, the Summerfest sign, Oriental Theatre, Black Cat Alley, and a graffiti tag.