From FOX Sports
Every since bobbleheads were introduced, they’ve been one of the most popular giveaway items at Major League Baseball games. People line up for free bobbleheads and can never seem to get enough.
That being said, all bobbleheads are failr similiar. More often than not it’s a player in his batting stance or a pitcher on the mound. However, the Brewers have broken the trend this year and are giving away some pretty unique bobbleheads.
There’s the vintage fan…
The tip of the cap, or “curtain call”
Not all teams have a broadcaster famous enough to do this, but when you’re team has Bob Uecker, a bobblehead is well deserved.
A regular Matt Garza bobblehead? Eh. Garza as a gnome? Awesome.
The Khris Davis bobblehead is just a generic one of him batting, but putting him in the camouflage jersey is a nice touch.
And of course there’s Hank the Ballpark Pup.