This Talking Hawk Harrelson Bobblehead Is Your New Must-Have Baseball Collector’s Item By Jon Tayler

White Sox broadcaster and all-around curmudgeon Hawk Harrelson is many things: crotchety, cantankerous, a homer, loud, full of marvelous catchphrases, and a goofball of the highest order. And now, you can bring home all that old-school glory in this incredible-looking and sounding bobblehead, courtesy the White Sox.
Yes, the Talking Hawk Harrelson bobblehead is bound to be this holiday season’s biggest gift, given the fact that it’s a Hawk Harrelson bobblehead that talks. Delight your family, friends and coworkers by making a Nehru-suited, cowboy-hat-wearing, 1968 version of Hawk (taken from this SI cover, no less) yell “He gone!” and “Stretch!” and the iconic “You can put it on the boooooooooard … Yes!” as many times as you want until they invariably leave you or try to kill you.
Unfortunately, it’s going to be tough to get your hands on Hawk, as this bobblehead won’t be an in-game promotion; instead, you can only score it if you attend the team’s offseason SoxFest in January in Chicago. But if you’re willing to brave sub-zero temperatures and a lot of people who are way too excited about Lucas Giolito’s curveball, then Talkin’ Hawk is all yours. (And he’d make a nice pair with the Hawk Harrelson alarm clock the team gave away last year, as it’s finally leaning into the market that is the Hawk.)