Sales boom for local shop, selling Martin Luther inspired items on 500th Reformation anniversary By Kevin Wallevand

Not Halloween; the Reformation.

The orders going out of Old Lutheran, are headed everywhere, for the past several weeks and months, Old Lutheran has been filling orders of everything Reformation, everything Martin Luther.
Three of us back here filling orders full time the last six weeks because orders have been coming in faster than we expected.
One thing is the hot lutheran pot holder and we have sold hundreds the last few weeks.
It is not just a time to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, but also remember what Luther left the world; literacy, philosophy, public education and yes, religion.
This put us on the map, the Martin Luther Bobble Head.
There are Martin Luther Bobble Heads, Beer Steins, Tattoos.
They even created a button factory and buttons, well, they can’t keep up with thousands going out the door.
Want to take a selfie with the famous monk?
“Put it on foam board and have a selfie with Martin and Katie,” said David Hunstad, Old Lutheran, Moorhead.
Martin Luther knew he too was a saint and sinner, never did he dream, his words would be featured on all this, and headed to admirers around the world.
As part of the 500th Anniversary, several church groups from around our region have hosted tours over to Germany this past year, to see where Luther lived and preached.