Royals pitcher buys up Yordano Ventura memorabilia to give to his late teammate’s mom By Molly Podlesny

Yordano Ventura will always be remembered, but one of his teammates is making sure his memory will live on in a very real way.

Royals pitcher Ventura passed away earlier in January in a car crash in the Dominican Republic, at almost the same time as former major leaguer Andy Marté.

The accidents shook the baseball world, former teammates and fans alike. My coworker wrote this simple and touching tribute to the men.

One Ebay user was selling a Ventura bobblehead. As he was getting ready to ship it, he realized the buyer was Royals pitcher Danny Duffy.

Looking at the buyer profile, it seems Duffy has been buying MLB memorabilia throughout January — at least 10 items.

Sure enough, when bobs251 contacted Duffy, he got this response.