Danny Duffy bought a Yordano Ventura bobblehead and got a generous surprise By Liz Roscher

Since Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura died in a car accident a week ago at age 25, stories of his kindness and his spirit have been pouring out. But that’s not all: his death is inspiring kindness in others as well.

Someone shared this story on Twitter early Friday morning, and it’s about a Royals fan trying to sell his Yordano Ventura bobblehead, but ending up doing something different instead.

This story is full of kindness. Danny Duffy was looking to pick up a few pieces of Yordano Ventura merchandise he could give to Ventura’s mom, and encountered a Royals fan on eBay who was selling his Ventura bobblehead. So the Royals fan decided just to give Duffy the bobblehead when he saw who was buying it. That’s a lovely gesture that Duffy won’t forget, and hopefully the seller takes Duffy up on his offer to send him a piece of autographed memorabilia.