Do you bobble?
Do you have any of those 8-inch figurines with a wobbly head?
Yes, we’re talking bobbleheads, a current collectible craze across the country that is reminiscent of the days when baseball cards were the hot item. They’re a cross between a doll (my wife’s opinion) and a collectible (my opinion). Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the owner.
Oh, bobbleheads have been around for a long time, but recently, thanks in large part to promotional giveaways at major league stadiums, they are in demand.
Consider that the Dodgers gave away Magic Johnson bobbleheads Tuesday. But already there were dozens of ads on e-bay to buy the Magic bobblehead for anywhere from $22 to $30. And fans will get them free, courtesy of the Dodgers (and Coca-Cola, the sponsors who actually paid for the giveaway).
Bobbleheads have become valuable, as you can see. Like the baseball cards, prices are inflated almost daily. And, like baseball cards, the better the player and the rarer the bobblehead, the pricier the product.
Currently leading the way on e-bay is a vintage 1961 Roberto Clemente bobblehead that has an asking price of $2,695. A Mickey Mantle, always a popular collectible, goes for $1,100. The Yankees have given away Derek Jeter bobbleheads on a regular basis. The first one distributed more than a decade ago now goes for $89.95.
And there can always be a twist to the bobblehead. How about Ted Williams in an aviator uniform (he was a pilot in two wars)? That’s $39.95.
The highest priced bobblehead on e-bay Tuesday morning was a LeBron James collection (six bobbleheads) that was being offered for the whopping, hard-to-believe price of $9,499.99.
It’s not just baseball and not just sports. There are political bobbleheads, cartoon bobbleheads, super hero bobbleheads, religious bobbleheads, movie bobbleheads and even custom ones — you can order of yourself.
If you’re a Dodger season ticket holder, you could start your own collection just based on this year. They have given or will give away bobbleheads of Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Yasiel Puig, Tommy Lasorda, Zack Greinke, Magic Johnson, A.J. Ellis, Babe Ruth, Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese plus the four players who hit 30 home runs in one season (Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Dusty Baker, Reggie Smith).
I got my first bobblehead three years ago. An Erick Aybar from an Angels giveaway. I must confess, I have added a few over the years. A friend gave me a Don Sutton, another friend a Hideo Nomo. My daughter gave me a John Wayne as a gift. I have one of my buddy Al Rosen and I got one of the great Glenn Davis (the football Heisman winner who lived here in La Quinta) when I visited West Point.
Yes, I bobble. Now if I can just find some place in the house to put Aybar, Sutton, the Duke and the rest of the guys…
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