Marvel in MLB: All the custom superhero bobblehead giveaways for the 2018 season By Cody Benjamin

  • Bobblehead giveaways are almost as much a part of baseball season as popcorn, home runs and Mike Trout-for-MVP talk. This year, that’s no exception, but it’s not just players who are sparking inspiration for custom merchandise at the ballparks. With Marvel’s “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War” shattering box office records in recent months, teams have taken a deeper dive into the superhero bobblehead game.
    BDA, a merchandise agency behind everything from rebate prizes for Kellogg’s cereal to marketing campaigns for the new “Ghostbusters,” is helping MLB teams “Marvel-ize” players, teams and ballparks this year not only to capitalize on the superhero frenzy but increase interest in the game — promotion nights, it says, are proven to increase sales and sold-out seats.
    Deemed baseball’s “secret weapon to boost attendance,” bobbleheads have been coming to MLB via BDA and its CEO, Jay Deutsch, for years. And with Summer 2018 quickly approaching, BDA shared with all the best Marvel bobbleheads that have or will hit stadiums across the country, among other movie-based giveaways centered on “Star Wars,” “The Sandlot” and even “Hello Kitty,” this season.
    Click ahead and see for yourself.