Best promotions in MLB: Ranking every team’s 2017 giveaways from 1 to 30 By Matt Snyder

With the 2017 Major League Baseball season upon us, I decided for the third straight season to look through all the ballpark giveaways for the season and rank the top item from each team.
A few words before we get into it, though. First off, these are subjective so it’s possible that you’ll disagree and that’s OK. Disagreements about ballpark giveaways is hardly anything that should anger anyone. In that vein, I’m partial to certain things, such as bobbleheads. However, just a run-of-the-mill player bobblehead isn’t going to cut it. We need creativity. Speaking of which, creativity with any item is a good way to make the list. Some teams are outstanding about this, such as the Dodgers, Rays and Mariners. Frankly, some other teams are pretty boring, such as the Padres, Phillies and Orioles.
The rankings below are just of the individual items, not the teams’ promotional calendar as a whole (the Dodgers would be No. 1 in the latter case). I should also point out that each of the 30 items on here are great and that a lower rankings doesn’t mean that something is bad.
So, again, I went through each team’s promotional calendar, picked what I thought is the best giveaway and ranked those 30. Let’s roll.