Zack Hample bobbleheads By Zack Hample
Ten months ago, I received an email from someone at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum who asked if I’d be interested in having a bobblehead done of myself.
Long story short: I was skeptical at first but ended up going for it, and now it actually exists! Check it out:
How cool/ridiculous is that?!
Here are two more photos of it — front and back:
Five hundred of these bobbleheads were made, and I received a dozen:
My mom claimed one of them, and now I’m thinking about what to do with the rest. I’ll probably give some away in contests and keep a few for myself — but what about the other 488 that were made? They’re on sale at
Here are more photos for you, starting with the front and back of the box:
Here’s what each side panel looks like:
In case you’re curious about the packaging, here you go:
Want to see what the manufacturing/development process looked like? Here are some images I received of the first mold:
Did you notice the error? Take a closer look at my glove, and you’ll see that it’s wrong-handed. (Is that actually a term?) In the mold above, that glove would fit properly on a right hand, but as you can see, it’s on the left hand. ¡¡NO BUENO!! Thankfully, though, everything at that point was still able to be tweaked.
Meanwhile check out the amazing facial detail:
When the next round of images came my way, I was glad to see that the glove had been fixed:
Here’s a closeup of the corrected glove:
Eventually I saw what the bobblehead would look like with color:
That’s when I noticed the stubble on its face:
The stubble was good in theory — a nice, realistic detail as I’m often in need of a shave — but I didn’t love how it looked on the bobblehead. It just seemed dirty, so I asked if that could be removed.
The answer was yes. Take a look a the new smoother/sexier version: