Hey, OnMilwaukee has a podcast now By Jimmy Carlton

To paraphrase a fitting line from Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address, “the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here,” but, what the heck, we’ve decided to podcast anyway.
Oh, haven’t you heard? Podcasts are all the rage. There are hundreds of thousands of them bouncing around the soundsphere, reaching more than 50 million Americans and ranging in topic from politics and music to religion and self-help. There are even podcasts about podcasting.
With public consumption of episodic series of digital media files so in vogue now, we figured we ought to fill our own audio void and get back in the game. OnMilwaukee actually was ahead of the curve on podcasting, launching one in 2008 and producing nearly 800 episodes before retiring it in 2014. R.I.P. Scatterbrains.
ut now we’ve returned, with a name still to be determined, to fill the airwaves and delight your earholes weekly with interesting, offbeat and local content. Staff writers Jimmy Carlton and Matt Mueller will co-host, primarily focusing on sports and pop culture and wherever they might intersect (the soon-to-open downtown National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum?!), plus the locally relevant news, arts, dining and lifestyle stuff you love from OnMilwaukee, and regular interviews with guests, as well. There might even be zany recurring segments! (Ed. note: They will not be zany.)

In the first episode, we discuss soliciting a sausage company to sponsor the podcast and whether to let the public submit ideas for its name (and the likelihood that it would then end up Podcasty McPodcastface), review the ever-popular Milwaukee Film Festival and its inaugural Sportsball! category, recap the Brewers’ rebuilding season and preview the Bucks, Badgers and Marquette campaigns, take a look at this weekend’s upcoming movies and wonder whether the Packers are still a good football team.
Tune in, tell us what you think and make sure you subscribe to the new OnMilwaukee Podcast feed.