Welp, Meghan and Harry are Now Bobbleheads, and We’re Not *Not* Paying $30 to Buy One By ROBERTA FIORITO

Even if you aren’t as royal obsessed as we are (and we’ve set the bar pretty dang high), you’re well aware of the fact that the wedding between American actress Meghan Markle and sixth-in-line to the throne Prince Harry is a big (OK, huge) occasion. And like every historic moment, the parties involved will undoubtedly end up on any and all souvenirs, from cookie tins to wooly socks to every knickknack in between.
Welp, Megs and Harry are no different, because the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame has just released the royal couple in miniature wobbly-headed toy form for collectors and royal enthusiasts alike (for a not-so-royal sum of $30, to boot). Although we’re kinda squinting to try to see the resemblance between royal-to-be Markle’s all-around gorgeousness and her bobble counterpart (seriously, what’s with that intense hair flip and zero eye makeup?), we get the idea. And she’s even wearing her signature Line the Label white wrap coat…kah-yoooot!
If this is the closest we’ll get to having a Meghan Markle Barbie, we guess we’ll take it. (Side note: Hey, Mattel, we just thought of a million-dollar idea…)