We ranked all the FedEx Cup champion bobbleheads, because it only seemed right By Alex Myers
In honor of the FedEx Cup turning 10 this year, the company has come out with a collection of bobbleheads commemorating the first nine winners of the PGA Tour’s Playoffs. There are eight bobbleheads total (they didn’t make two different Tiger Woods ones for his wins in 2007 and 2009) and as a whole, it’s a pretty cool set. Bonus points for this easy-to-carry box that allows you to take these FedEx friends with you wherever you go.
But with them all unwrapped and sitting on my desk, it just seemed like a ranking was the right thing to do. FedEx Cup champs, unite!
Unfortunately, these are not available for the public to buy, so it’s back to the drawing board if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the golf fan in your family. Sorry. But I was lucky enough to get my hands on them. So without further ado, here’s our not-so-official ranking of the FedEx Cup champion bobbleheads, starting with the worst.
8. Tiger Woods
The good: Woods’ classic Sunday outfit of a red shirt and black pants is on point, even if he’s giving the laziest fist pump we’ve ever seen from the 14-time major champ.
The bad: It doesn’t look anything like Tiger Woods.
7. Brandt Snedeker
The good: Sneds is wearing a very Sneds pink shirt that’s plastered with five logos (Peter Millar is on the back) of all his sponsors. His free-flowing borderline mullet is also in full effect.
The bad: Sneds doesn’t look this much like Tommy Armour III in real life.
6. Jordan Spieth
The good: Under Armour will be thrilled with the detail, down to the logoed shoes.
The bad: With those lines under his eyes, FedEx made Spieth look even older than the AT&T Spieth bobbleheads from earlier this year.
Then again, with that Olympics decision, it’s been a stressful summer for the young star. . .
5. Henrik Stenson
The good: Stenson’s signature monochromatic look gets livened up by the fact he’s the only bobblehead in the set holding up one finger in celebration.
The bad: The 2013 Henrik Stenson looks a lot
4. Jim Furyk
The good: Furyk’s winning grimace/smile is spot on.
The bad: Why didn’t they give him a backwards hat?
3. Bill Haas
The good: Facially, this one is the most accurate of all the ones in the set. Not sure if that’s because it got extra attention or Haas just happens to have a face that’s well-suited for bobbleheads.
The bad: Another missed opportunity when it comes to historical accuracy. How is there no reference to this?!
2. Vijay Singh
The good: Grey slacks, white shirt. Boring. Nailed it.
The bad: Looks like someone was slacking when putting sponsor stickers on Singh’s shirt. . .
Never mind. Nailed that, too.
1. Billy Horschel
The good: Love the Florida orange pants/blue belt combo as well as the celebratory gator chomp.
The bad: It would have been even better if they went with the pants Horschel actually wore when he won the 2014 Tour Championship.