Local Dodgers fan has a sports memorabilia collection that takes up his whole living room By Johana Restrepo

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – A Dodgers fan from Bakersfield has a massive sports memorabilia collection that covers his entire living room wall to wall.
His collection is so big, his wife asked him to put some stuff, like his 50,000 baseball cards, away in storage.
His very first bobble-head was that of Fernando Valenzuela who was in the 1981 World Series. A baseball-bat signed by Valenzuela is one of Gonzalez’ favorite items in his collection.
The Dodgers Cave houses bobble heads of Orel Hershisher and Tommy Lasorda to name a few and signed baseball caps, pictures and balls by Steve Garvey, his favorite player.
Having such an elaborate collection takes hours and hours of dedication. Gonzalez often goes to games hours in advanced so he can wait for players to ask them to sign some of his things.
“You just go out there and say, ‘Hey! you know… can you sign my ball please?’ Sometimes you’ll just throw a ball at them and a pen at them and they’ll sign your ball,” he said.
He also meets with a group a number of times a year at Dodgers Stadium so that they can trade bobble-heads and other collectibles.
Gonzalez hopes to make it to a game this World Series and said he’d try no matter the cost. He is confident in his boys in blue after a premonition of the Dodgers winning on Tuesday night came true.
“I’m like, ‘Man I’m such a crazy fan that I even dream about the Dodgers winning.’ And they actually won so that’s cool you know? Actually my dream came true,” Gonzalez said.