VIDEO: Channing Frye Trolls Kevin Love Over His Bobblehead By Julian Guevara

Come on ​Cleveland! This is how you repay Kevin Love for all his hard work? His teammate Channing Frye has the perfect description for this embarrassingly ugly bobble head.

Trash is right, Frye! The entire point of the bobblehead is… the head, right? You can’t even see Love’s head! 

For whatever reason, the Cavs organization thought it would be a good idea to have ​Love be in the process of shooting on this bobble head. They got it right in the past, so maybe they’re trying to send him a subliminal message? 

Whoever made this decision should definitely be responsible for cleaning up all the bobbleheads that will undoubtedly be left behind after the game. I, for one, would like to have this bobblehead in my office or room just for sheer comedic value.

So, maybe that was the angle the Cavs were going for, because their season so far has been the textbook definition of a joke.