Up Close and Personal with the Stanley Cup Bobbleheads By Kevin Klein

It’s not improbable that this would have gotten lost in the ebullient aftermath of the Washington Capitals’ trip to the promised lane, but back in the early days of summer we voiced our excitement for the immortalization of Lord Stanley’s first stay in the Nation’s Capital…in bobblehead form.

The fine folks at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame were generous enough to bring us an up close and personal look at their commemorative offerings, and now we’re giving you a glimpse.

As you check out these photos, we’d like to impress upon you the artisanship that yielded this product. This isn’t your typical stadium giveaway bobblehead. There’s a real heft to each figure — we suppose 34.5 pounds of silver and nickel alloy will have that effect. Major sticktap to the manufacturer, FOCO.

First, a shot of the whole crew.

Now, let’s cruise through the lineup. Not every Caps player is available, unfortunately, but most of our favorite champs are present and accounted for. First up, the facsimiles of the two moments Caps fans have been waiting a good long time for: Alex Ovechkin holding the Cup, and Alex Ovechkin holding the Conn Smythe trophy.

Captain’s patch, gap tooth, patchy beard, and yellow laces — no mistaking this guy, huh? Next up, group shot of the top line.

Ovi, Kuzy, Willy. Name a more iconic trio. Onto the second line, of which we have only two representatives; at the time of the bobbling Jakub Vrana was, uh, sleeping one off.