Tommy Lasorda Drops By Dodger Fan’s Garage to Sign Homemade Bobbleheads

Tommy Lasorda Drops By Dodger Fan's Garage to Sign Homemade Bobbleheads By Ryan Finkelstein

​Tommy Lasorda is still beloved to all Los Angeles Dodgers fans. There is one fan in particular who is devoted to Lasorda and he made that clear when he set out to make three-foot bobbleheads to commemorate the legendary manager.

Lasorda heard about the bobbleheads and went to go check them out. He was so impressed that he took the time to sign some of them for the lucky superfan.​​

Lasorda managed the Dodgers for 20 years, winning two World Series titles. His time with the Dodgers granted him passage into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown as one of the few managers to get that honor.

Lasorda still works with the Dodgers today as an adviser, and has been part of the organization for over 50 years.

Maybe he can advise the marketing department to give out these three-foot bobbleheads before a game next season! That's a guaranteed sellout right there.


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