Steelers’ James Conner: ‘Pretty cool’ to have own Pitt bobblehead By CHRIS ADAMSKI

Arthur Moats was one of the rare few.

“Moats, he’s my guy,” James Conner was saying after Steelers practice Friday. “Me and Moats got a good relationship.

“So I hooked him up.”

Moats was lucky enough to acquire one of Conner’s bobbleheads ahead of time. As for anyone else who wants one – including the rookie running back’s teammates?

“They are giving them to the first 30,000 fans of (Saturday’s Pitt) game,” the former Pitt star running back said, failing to suppress a smile. “So if you want one, you gotta go get one. Go to the game.”

Pitt’s marketing department surely agrees. It’s surely no coincidence that themarquee promotion of the season falls on Homecoming weekend. Conner’s bobblehead features him helmetless in a (throwback) Pitt uniform – complete with the captain’s “C” and holding a ball in his right hand. He’s straddling a script Pitt logo, and Conner’s name is across the front.

“They came to me with the idea a couple months back,” said Conner, a third-round pick of the Steelers. “I had a bobblehead when I was younger – a collector’s item – but I forget which one I had. That’s pretty cool to have one of my own. People really like them, I guess. I don’t know.”

Conner’s role in the design was limited – but he did have veto power on any details. He was sent a prototype for approval.

“I gave it the OK,” Conner said. “So I’m happy with what it looks like.”

His favorite details?

“Throwback colors, I like that,” Conner said. “And I’ve got a little part in my head that I had (in college). And the teeth are white. So I like it.”

Chris Adamski is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at or via Twitter @C_AdamskiTrib.