Last week we introduced you all to the new “Bobble of the Month” exclusive series of themed bobbleheads of you favorite Caps mascot. Now that we finally have our hands on one, we can give you our expert opinion on what to expect for the rest of the season.
First of all, we would like to congratulate the other 149 of you who were lucky enough to snag one of these amazing works of art from the Verizon Center.  In the past, retail bobbleheads never drew any attention because you would be spending $25-35 on a generic bobblehead of Alex Ovechkin that had been remade for the fifth time and is a “limited edition” of a few thousand. These weren’t in demand because they weren’t rare or must-haves. What makes these new bobbles of the month so eye catching is not only the fact that there will be only 150 of each, but that they are part of a collection. Let’s face it, having an incomplete collection doesn’t fly when it comes to bobbleheads. Although these run $45 a pop, I would say that they are very much worth it, and in the long run I can see the resale prices sky-rocketing toward the end of the season, especially when folks are trying to complete their collections.
Now on to the first of seven unique bobbleheads of Slapshot. This is huge. This bobblehead is easily one and a half the size of all the other SGA and Blood Drive bobbleheads given out in the past. Measuring in at just under 10.5″ he makes the oversized Braden Holtby bobblehead look small. The detail is what you would expect of a retail bobblehead and is very clean and well done. Slapshot is covered in wraps like a mummy and is standing behind a pumpkin and in front of a tombstone for the October Halloween theme. But what makes this bobblehead a step above the rest it that the pumpkin on the base actually lights up. With the twist of a simple watch battery, this bobblehead lights up a Caps Weagle carved into the front of the pumpkin, making it the coolest retail Caps bobblehead to date.
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