From NEWARK Joe Henrique arrived in New Jersey Tuesday in time to watch the Devils face the Colorado Avalanche at Prudential Center.
He is among the fathers who will join their sons on the Devils’ road trip to Raleigh, N.C., and he is excited about the next few days. But he is also thinking ahead about bringing Adam’s giant bobblehead back to Canada.
“I’m thrilled. You know what? I want to come and pick it up. Put it in the back of the truck and see what happens when we’re trying to cross the Canadian border. How do we declare this?” Joe said with a laugh.
“We’ll lay it down in the box and when we get close to the Canadian border in Fort Erie we’ll stand it up, strap it down and see what Customs has to say. That is great that bobble head. We were at the game and enjoyed it immensely. We took pictures with the bobblehead.”