25 Rare Funko Pops You Just Can’t Get Anymore By LIZ SHEPHERD

Collectors either love or hate them. They stare at them through their small boxes, lining various nerdy store shelves, waiting to go home and join their massive collection. Once they buy one, there truly is no going back. With one single purchase, they will be forever trapped in the bottomless pit that is Funko.

Yes, we’re addressing the company that’s worth millions of dollars all because they created a simplistic design that can be used for all types of characters from various series. Whether it’s a live-action film or an anime, Funko more than likely has the character you’re looking for. Sure, the affordability of these toys is great for those who can’t afford to support their fandoms by buying ridiculously overpriced merchandise. But it’s also a very quick way to run out of room for nicer figures. I’m currently dealing with that problem.
Now what is surprising about Funko is just how many figures in existence are worth a pretty penny. And because of their rarity, some figures are extremely difficult to get, unless you’re willing to fork over a full paycheck. Convention exclusive figures are definitely the rarest in the bunch, since the majority were released in very limited quantities.
So now, we’re going to focus on the Funkos in existence that you just can’t go and buy at a Hot Topic or FYE store. And while we’re at it, we’re also going to discuss the worth of each one. Who knows? Maybe one of these figures is sitting on your shelf, unopened and in mint condition.