Double bobble: Canucks to hand out Sedin collectibles at Rogers Arena By Harrison Mooney

Through their 17 seasons with the Canucks, Henrik and Daniel Sedin have been joined at the hip. Their bobbleheads can be joined at the base.
The Vancouver Canucks are reminding fans that Sedin bobblehead nights begin next week, as the franchise celebrates the twin accomplishments of the twin superstars, who this season became the first set of brothers to each record 1,000 NHL points.
The bobbleheads will be handed out on consecutive Tuesday nights.
The first 8,000 fans in attendance for the Canucks’ Mar. 27 home date with the Anaheim Ducks will receive the Henrik Sedin bobblehead, and it’s only fitting that the captain goes first. He reached 1,000 points first, after all, and he was born first to boot.
On April 3 versus the Vegas Golden Knights, the first 8,000 fans will receive the matching Daniel Sedin bobblehead, at which point the two limited-edition collectibles can be joined at the base to present as they have their entire career: a duo in dire need of a third forward to complete them.
They’re also in dire need of some orange paint. These are the Sedin twins? With those brown beards, they look more like the Lundqvists.
Fans can purchase single-game tickets or a special “Twin Pack” for both bobblehead nights, although one should be warned that this alone will not guarantee receipt of a bobblehead. You’ll still have to arrive early. Doors are scheduled to open at 5:30 p.m. for each game.
And before you joke that, with 8,000 bobbleheads in stock and interest in the team waning after another losing season, they might have some left over, it’s worth remembering that these could be the final home games of Henrik and Daniel’s careers. There will undoubtedly be an added level of interest for these dates.
You definitely want both bobbleheads, by the way. Throughout the Sedins’ entire career, no one — not a pro team, not a junior team, not even the Swedish national team — has ever considered settling for just one Sedin. Don’t be ridiculous.
Plus, at some point, you’ll need both bobbleheads just to prove to your grandchildren that, for nearly two decades, the Canucks were led by a pair of identical twins with near-telepathic abilities. No one is going to believe you otherwise.