Cleveland Indians: Sharing some memories on National Bobblehead Day By Steven Kubitza

Sunday was National Bobblehead Day, meaning Cleveland Indians fans can share all the fun bobbleheads they own in their personal collections.

It is shaping up to be a slow news month for the Cleveland Indians, which is nice considering all the negative attention directed toward another team in town. The Indians are simply laying low and awaiting another season filled with great expectations.

This means fans are seeking Indians-related stuff to talk about, so let’s talk bobbleheads.

Sunday was National Bobblehead Day, which is totally a real holiday and one that deserves to have its own parade.
I see a post like this and immediately think of all the bobbleheads I have collected over the years. The first one I received is a Jim Thome bobblehead, and that led to a collection featuring Slider, Bob FellerGrady Sizemore, Tim Couch, Omar Vizquel and many others. There is even a Drew Carey one on my shelf, along with one of Stone Cold Steve Austin. I have all areas covered.
Bobbleheads are a bit odd in nature, and they are also a bit scary to sleep near, but they are a fun thing for fans to collect throughout the years. Perhaps you have a story for each one, or simply like to say something you want them to agree with before lighting tapping the head of each to get that much-needed approval. To each their own.
If you have any bobblehead-related stories, be sure to share them in the comments section below. Like I said, it’s a slow news month for the Indians.