Astros Fans Lined Up at Midnight for Josh Reddick Bobbleheads By Joseph Myers

As they approached and subsequently celebrated their first World Series title, we enjoyed chronicling the success that the Houston Astros enjoyed last season. Holding Major League Baseball’s second-best mark this campaign, the defending champions could certainly repeat come the fall, but even if they were at the bottom of the standings, we know that the ownership team would nonetheless spend all of 2018 feting them. With a lengthy list of promotions this year, the overseers have also instituted a Bobblehead of the Month attraction, with July’s depiction of Gold Glove-winning outfielder Josh Reddick leading fans to line up at midnight for it.
We definitely appreciate that the Astros are a hot ticket and, quite frankly, a likable bunch, so we could see why management would want to spend every waking hour thinking of ways to attract additional brand awareness. We also like sleep, too, so we did have a moment where we wondered why it would lure supporters from their beds for the commemorative. Additional research, though, showed that Reddick is a pretty popular player among the Houston faithful, with a recent autograph opportunitycompelling fans to test their patience in a long line. For this shot at a bobblehead, devotees needed to report Wednesday at the aforementioned time to the franchise’s team store, with distributed wristbands being their means to stake their claim as would-be buyers of the product.