Sister Jean bobblehead ready to ship to thousands of fans By Lewis Lazare

Loyola University Chicago’s now world-famous Sister Jean soon will be in the hands of thousands of admiring fans.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame has begun shipping out thousands of Sister Jean bobbleheads to those who ordered the best-selling memento in the wake of Loyola’s astounding run in the NCAA 2018 men’s basketball tournament earlier this year.

The lively 98-year-old Sister Jean, spiritual advisor and mascot for the Loyola Ramblers team, was courtside for much of the tournament, and she was interviewed countless times by the media as the Ramblers extended their improbable run beyond what anyone had expected.

Phil Sklar, cofounder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame, sensed quickly that Sister Jean was something special and negotiated a deal with Loyola to produce the Sister Jean bobblehead.

Now Sklar is preparing to ship what his research indicates is the best-selling sports-related bobblehead ever produced.

Sklar had exactly 18,980 of the bobbleheads manufactured (18 for the year of Sister Jean’s newfound stardom and 98 for her age).

A limited number of bobbleheads will be available on the Bobblehead Hall of Fame website and at the Loyola University Chicago bookstore, according to Sklar.

Meanwhile, Sister Jean’s continues to receive accolades. People magazine this week put Sister Jean at No. 24 on its newly-minted list of “100 Reasons To Love America.”