St. Paul Raccoon Bobblehead Available for Pre-order

Bobblehead featuring the St. Paul Raccoon are now available for pre-order in the National Bobblehead HOF and Museum’s Online Store.
Milwaukee, WI – June 15, 2018 – Today, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum unveiled a new, limited edition bobblehead featuring the St. Paul Raccoon. This is the only bobblehead of the raccoon, who captivated the nation when she bravely scaled the 25-story UBS Plaza in St. Paul, Minnesota.
The bobbleheads, which feature the St. Paul Raccoon on the building’s ledge with the windows in the background, are available for pre-order in the Hall of Fame and Museum’s Online Store. The bobbleheads cost $25 each plus a flat rate shipping charge of $8 per order and are expected to arrive in October. Each bobblehead will be individually numbered and come in a collector’s box.
The St. Paul Raccoon, known on Twitter as the “MPR Raccoon,” took the internet by storm on Tuesday June 12th when she began her ascent up the UBS skyscraper in downtown St. Paul. Shortly thereafter, thanks to Twitter and outlets such as Minnesota Public Radio, the #MPRRaccoon became trending news. As the raccoon continued to climb the building, more and more people tuned in to watch live online video of her climb, along with others who went to the tower to watch in person. Live tweets from inside the building showed the adorable daredevil stopping to rest at windows while attempting to get to the top of the building.
The story had a happy ending when the raccoon reached the top of the building after midnight on Wednesday June 13th. Waiting for her was a can of cat food inside a cage. From there, Wildlife Management Services let her take a nap, and then released her back into the wild away from any tall buildings.
“When we saw the St. Paul Racoon, we knew she would make for a great bobblehead,” said Phil Sklar, Co-Founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. “Now this legendary climb that captured the hearts of people far and wide can be commemorated in bobblehead form.”
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