From Chicago-Suntimes – Denorfia played for the Padres from 2010 into the 2014 season before being traded to the Mariners. As Fox Sportsreports, it’s unclear if the Padres hosted an extremely unsuccessful bobblehead game or if it was canceled before even happening.
Regardless of why there were so many or how they made it to the San Diego doorstep, Denorfia has a few more fans because of it. From NBC San Diego:

“I’m now a huge Chris Denorfia fan,” said Philip Jia, who along with his roomates had never heard of the former Padres player now sitting in more boxes than they could carry.

Denorfia is an unrestricted free agent after finishing his one-year, $2.6 million contract with the Cubs. While the Cubs may still want a veteran player in the outfield, it would almost assuredly be in a reserve role.