FBI investigation: List released of items removed from ex-House Speaker Rosenberger’s office  By Laura A. Bischoff

During his time as Ohio House speaker, Republican Cliff Rosenberger amassed — and eventually carted off — a huge haul of memorabilia, according to a 53-page inventory obtained by this newspaper.
The catalog, provided to the FBI and news media outlets, lists everything removed from Rosenberger’s state offices on May 11, a month after his resignation took effect.
The inventory demonstrates Rosenberger’s fondness for American history, presidential politics, football and knick-knacks.
Among the artwork removed was a painting of presidents playing poker with Rosenberger overlooking the table.

Busts removed: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush.
Bobble heads removed: Teddy Roosevelt, former Ohio House speaker Bill Batchelder, Ohio Highway Patrol trooper, former Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee and 10 lawmakers or staff members.