Drew Lock’s Heisman campaign gets off to shaky start By Pete Scantlebury

It’s Monday. Sorry about that. Here are the latest links from the Mizzouniverse.

1. Mizzou prepares the Drew Lock Heisman campaign.

And they don’t go for the name-related gimmick, according to Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The easy way, of course, would have been to make some sort of Lock-pun to market Missouri’s starting quarterback as a Heisman contender (which he is, undoubtedly). With my love of puns, I’d absolutely be Locked-in with that route. But bobbleheads are an awesome idea, and it’s cool to see that fans (season ticket holders, anyway), will get them. That part was announced in February, and if you didn’t renew by April, you’re already too late.

But giving bobbleheads to Heisman voters is new, and with the majority of those being sports reporters, that’s brilliant strategy. Sports reporters love sports tchotchkes — only thing better would be to give the Heisman voters tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Of course, as Matter reports, there’s a ton of digital marketing strategy that will go into the campaign.