Blue Jays swap out bobbleheads for dollar dogs in 2019 By Clayton Richer

The Toronto Blue Jays released their promotions and events calendar for the upcoming season and much to the chagrin of many the team has only one bobblehead giveaway planned for 2019.

By no means am I a marketing major but one would think if the product on the field is going to be less than sub-par, you should probably refrain from eliminating promotions that bring fans in droves through the gates. Just sayin’

I personally don’t partake in the bobblehead obsession but I understand that middle-aged men get in a tizzy for their ceramic dolls. Seemingly for most, it is worth the price of admission. Yet, the Blue Jays have cut the number of bobbleheads from four in 2018, if you include the Stroman Shimmy Wobble Bobble, to one lone Lourdes Gurriel Jr. #PinaPower bobblehead giveaway in 2019.

The Blue Jays did make up for it though, drumroll please………..wait for it, ……six loonie dog nights. That’s right folks, hot dogs for a buck, maximum four per transaction, the fine print will get you every time. Who needs a collectible for the mantle when you can have Schneiders finest cuts of meat for a buck.