New Study Reveals MLB Leaders in Freebies By Rich Mueller

If you go to a Dodgers or Rangers game this season, the odds are better than one in seven that you’ll come home with a bobblehead.

A new analysis tracked giveaways by all each MLB team, revealing which will treat their fans best with giveaways and special event nights this upcoming season. In the study, the promotional schedule for each team’s home games were compiled and studied. Teams were then ranked in terms of number of giveaways, number of free jerseys, number of free bobbleheads, most kid-friendly, and more.
A few nuggets:
  • The teams with the highest count of individual giveaways are the Cardinals (49), Dodgers (42), Cubs (41), Mets (39), and the Pirates (35).
  • Teams in the National League give away 28.07 free items during the season on average — 11% more than teams in the American League (25.33 items).
  • The most kid-friendly teams, based on count of kids giveaways or events, are the Padres (47 promos), the Pirates (28), and the Brewers (24).
  • The Dodgers and the Rangers give fans the most bobbleheads (12 giveaway days), while the Angels give out the most jerseys (8 giveaway days).

Bobblehead collectors won’t find much in Philadelphia, where the Phillies will have only one bobblehead giveaway this year  while the Angels, Cardinals and Indians will give away the most jerseys, ten teams won’t give away a single one.