I have the Rally Cat [bobblehead] – A Hunt and Peck By lil_scooter93

My love of bobbleheads has been well-documented around these parts. It has became so infamous, in fact, that the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum has occasionally mailed to me a bobblehead from their collection to share with you all. You might remember the most recent review featuring the mascots of the Cardinals and Cubs called the Rivalry Bobblehead.

Today’s bobblehead was in high demand when it was first released – so much so that it sold out in the first week. A new shipment will be ready in July and fans of this bobblehead can pre-order it to ensure they get one. I was lucky enough to receive one now, though, and let me tell you – it is h*cking cute.

The newest addition features the likeness of the infamous Rally Cat – a plucky, young feline that ran onto the field and darted its way into our hearts before being captured by an unfortunate member of the Cardinals Grounds Crew. As the legend of this kitten goes, its courage and spunk ignited the Cardinals offense, inspiring them to take the lead mere moments later and claim victory over the Kansas City Royals. Don’t believe me? The video does not lie:
As you can see in the video, the kitten seems to share a connection with Lorenzo Cain. I put the bobblehead next to my dog, Cain, to see if something similar happened.